Upholstery & re-upholstery

No matter the age and type of furniture you have, we can strip down the existing upholstery and re-upholster it to your specific specifications. Sofa Cushion Refilling Company take pride in the finesse of our work and aim to provide you with quality results. We can also offer reupholstery services and loose covers for caravans, boats and restaurants.

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Cushions, refills and padding:

Seat cushions over time can lose their shape and softness; individual feathers can break down and disintegrate. We can refill these cushions with a variety of different fillings: foam, hypoallergenic, feathers or down, and in some instances horsehair. We can combine a high-density foam core, which then has different fillings wrapped around it, such as feathers. Cushions, pillows, padding and fills: Most cushions are made of a high-density foam core that is then wrapped with either soft polyester, feather and down, or a hypoallergenic down substitute. Dacron adds resilience so that pillows and seats keep their shape, while the wraps form a soft envelope. Cushions and pillows are usually sewn into cotton cases to ensure smooth upholstering.


Sofa Cushion Refilling Company serves both domestic and commercial from rejuvenating a small family heirloom to upholstering a night club or restaurant.

Upholster & reupholster your

Chair or armchair

We only select the best quality materials for our sofas and chairs, which are made by master craftsmen and women to the very highest standards.

Sofa, bench, cushion

We can help restore your sofa without damages, using the upmost care. You can bring your own fabric, or you can discuss your choice with us.

Headboard + bed base

Sofa Cushion Refilling Company have an excellent reputation and experience for adapting designs to suit your specific requirements.

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