Cushion Covers & Cushions

Cushion covers act as the final piece to a decorating puzzle that coordinates with other decorative elements in the room. The Sofa Cushion Refilling company would welcome an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with you during this stage of the process.

Bespoke Cushions / Inner Pads / Cushion Covers


Sofa Cushion Refilling makes a variety of different styles of custom made cushions for you, our sofa cushions are made to order and are beautifully made by hand in our local workshop. All filled with luxury duck feather pads.

Cushion Inserts


Bring your favourite cushion cover back to life with Sofa Cushion Refilling duck feather cushion pads. European Feather filling is perfect for bringing more comfort into your home, while being effortlessly adaptable to your decorative changes.

Foam Cut to Size

We are a great choice for anyone requiring soft, medium or firm foam cut to size and are specialists in sofa cushion replacement. If you want an unusual shape or have a specific requirement, our friendly team is just a call away.

Bench Cushions


If you’re after a bench or window seat cushion made to fit, Sofa Cushion Refilling can supply a cushion with a choice of fillings, made to any size or shape required, with a removable cover in a plain edged or piped edge design.


With a fantastic array of cushion covers available to choose from, no matter what size of cushions you have Sofa Cushion Refilling cushion covers will add a real sense of style and luxury to your living room or bedroom.

Floor Cushions

Floor cushions can be made to specific sizes and should you need to regularly remove floor cushions (to allow wheelchair access for example), easy to move floor cushions can be created to suit your requirements with handles.

We are continuously collaborating with local and international designers, as well as building our own studio collections.

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