Bespoke Cushions

Cushions are something we use every day but rarely think about – until they’re uncomfortable, ripped, worn, or outdated. When it comes to having custom foam cushions made, no one beats Sofa Cushion Refilling for their unquestionable quality, personalised service and limitless options. Your journey to bespoke cushions begins when you contact us.
Bespoke sofa cushion pads - Sofa Cushion Refilling

Cushion pads

Feather, fibre & foam cushion pads. Wrapped cushion pads are made up of a foam core which is then put inside a case with a choice of either feather or fibre. This gives you the softness of a feather or fibre cushion, but without having to plump the cushion up as regular as a standard cushion, the topper also helps soften the foam core.

Bespoke sofa replacement cushions - Sofa Cushion Refilling-2

Sofa cushions

Are you looking for Bar Seating, Bench Seating, Stool Tops, Wedges or sofa replacement cushions? Whether it’s with your template or by giving us the size of the cushion you require, we will provide you with a first-class service right up to your front door. We also provide a sofa cushion replacement service, which aims to save you time & money.

Bespoke cushions to fit your specific requirements - Sofa Cushion Refilling.

Scatter cushions

A carefully handcrafted range of scatter cushions adds character and charm to any room. Have fun creating an array of combinations with our hand-appliqued and printed designs, or add warmth to your scheme with silk and jewel-hued velvet cushions. Add colour and texture to any room with our unique cushion designs.

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