Sofa cushion refilling – bespoke cushions, upholstery

The Sofa refilling company makes cushions daily as part of our expert cushion replacement service. We have all the foams in stock and can shape and chamfer the cushions to your exact measurements and desired finished look.

Outdoor cushions, upholstery, Window Seat Cushions

Our bespoke services range from Traditional Re-upholstery to modern upholstery. We offer bespoke production and can fix cushions and walling. We also offer made to measure curtains, outdoor cushions, blinds, window seat cushions and loose furniture covers. We are experts in Window Bay Cushions and can provide the fabric of all shapes, colours and sizes.

Sofa cushion refilling services

Whether you have foam cushions that have lost their ‘oomph’, or you’re fed up with continually having to ‘plump up’ feather or fibre-filled cushions then we can professionally solve all these problems!

Sofa upholstery

Feel free to pop into our sister company, Sofa Upholstery.

Sofa Cushion Refilling

Sofa Cushion Refilling is a friendly and professional family-run upholstery business in Sutton. They provide upholstery and reupholstery, custom seatings, upholstered wall panels, cushion restuffing and bespoke headboards.

We are a family-run upholstery & reupholstery business based in London with more than 25 years of experience



Sofa Cushion Refilling We provide a full modern and antique reupholstery services in London

Sofa seat pads

Give your sofa a second chance and make a style statement

Handmade cushions

Transform your living space with our made to measure cushions

Bespoke Furniture

Design your own bespoke furniture to perfectly suit your home

cushions covers

Add colour and texture to any room with our unique cushion covers

Padded wall panels

Upholstered Wall Panels are a unique way to decorate your walls

Whether your sofa or chair is in good shape under the fabric, or if it needs work inside (such as re-webbing, re-springing, refilling or re-cushioning), it is often a quick process to bring it back to new, and mostly cheaper than a replacement item. Using modern materials with traditional skills and experience can even give you a better product than the original!

When it comes to custom cushions, outdoor spaces have different stuffing requirements than indoor spaces. Weather will play a role in how your cushions wear over time outside. Most of the time, custom foam cushions or compressed polyester are an ideal choice for your patio, porch, or balcony.We suggest using common polyester fiberfill stuffing in outdoor cushions or furniture pillows, as long as you insert the stuffing into a protective water-resistant cover that goes inside the cushion’s outer covering.

What is sofa cushion refilling?

Sofa cushion filling services replace old, saggy looking sofa cushions infills with a new feather, fibre or foam inserts.

For the best fit, it is recommended you send your covers off to our specialist. Our upholsterer will refill the cushions and send them back to you.

Most people replace their infills as it is cheaper than buying a new sofa. It reduces waste (stops a whole sofa(s) going to landfill) and is also better for the environment. British made foam is the best and longest-lasting refill technique as it springs back and does not need constant plumping, rearranging or flipping.

Can I get my leather sofa cushions refilled?

You can get many types of sofa cushions refilled including leather, canvas, fabric and any other type of upholstery fabric. As long as the covers are removable and zipped, the cushion cover can refills.

We refill leather sofa cushions, call us on 07907905736 for an instant quote or email (with your sofa cushion sizes).

What is fibre and stockinette on a sofa cushion?

Fibre (other names: wadding & dacron) is a poly fibre wrapping laminated to foam; it used to add padding to a foam insert so that covers do not sag. Note: keep in mind, as it is cheaper than foam and overtime it will compress. Good practice to use one layer of fibre on all sides of a sofa cushion.

Stockinette is a thin netting covered over the foam and fibre parcel to hold it all together. It is sometimes tied on (poor craftsmanship) but should be overlocked (sewing type) onto each cushion.

Foam variations for cushions?

Be sure the foam you get of your new cushions is British made (superior quality and will last a lot longer) & meets British fire standard BS5852. It will not only protect your home insurance should there be a fire, but it could also be the difference between keeping your family safe in the event of a fire in the home.

CertiPur foam is also preferable if possible as it has been tested for toxins and is better for you and your family’s health. All our sofa cushion refills: Come with a thin layer of fibre wrapped over every side of a cushion. Come with an overlocked stockinette cover for easy removal and reinsertion when you need to wash or clean covers.

Do not sag over time. Are made from British made foam that meets British fire standard BS5852. All our foam is CertiPur and comes as soft, medium and firm. Our expertly handcrafted by trained professionals in our London based workshop.

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